Tahoe Talk - 9/28/20

From around the globe to out your backdoor, here are the topics to keep you relevant and up-to-date!

Wildfires explode Sunday night, Presidential debate Tuesday, NBA Finals Wednesday, MLB playoffs

- Amazon Prime Day announced for Oct. 13 and 14 
- 200+ new emojis will hit your keyboard in 2021
- Since all its resorts abruptly shut on March 17th, Vail's profits for the year plunged 68%. But Vail's stock is up 40% since then on hopes of greener slopes this winter
- Western Joshua tree gets temporary endangered species status: due to the ravages of climate change — The California Fish and Game Commission’s vote marked the first time a species has been granted protections due to climate change under the state’s Endangered Species Act. Ironically this happened on the same day it granted 15 solar energy farms permission to remove Joshua trees in the way of their projects
- The Secretary of State’s Elections Division has set up a service that allows voters to track the status of their mail-in ballot. The electronic service will let voters know when the ballot is mailed to them, when it is received by the county and when it has been counted: nevada.ballottrax.net
- California’s community college system is experiencing a systemwide decline of student enrollment this fall, with some campuses reporting double-digit losses. The fact that fewer students have enrolled for this fall reveals a worrisome decline for the nation’s largest college system — total: 116 institutions serving more than two million students. 

- Fact Check: Viral video claims Bill Gate’s is making $200B from vaccines. 26-second clip has been cut from a longer TV interview, where Gates estimated the global social and economic benefits from his foundation's $10 billion investment

- Sun. Oct. 4 = National Taco Day


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